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We're always glad to be of service, and if you're looking for a collection of fonts to suit your needs at a special discounted price, you'll be happy to know that highly trained Comicraft fontologists have already gathered your favorites together by category and style.

They've even packed them up in reusable grocery bags and carefully placed your carton of eggs on top to make sure they don't get crushed! You may not believe us, but just take a look through the items on this page and you'll see that it's all true! Except for the bit about the bag. And the eggs.
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Battle Pack Battle Pack

BattleDamaged, BattleCry and BattleScarred (12 complete fonts at a savings of $38)!

  Price: $99.00
Bolland Pack Bolland Pack

BrianBolland International, BrianBollandJournal International & MrMamoulian (save $78)

  Price: $129.00
Danger Girl Pack Danger Pack

JScottCampbell Int'l, DangerGirl, DangerGirl Dingbats & JscottCampbell Sketchbook Int'l (save $57!)

  Price: $119.00
Blood Brothers Pack Dusk Till Dawn & Sunrise Till Sunset Team-Up

DuskTillDawn-Intl and SunriseTillSunset-Intl -- eight fonts at a savings of $49!

  Price: $69.00
Monster Fonts Monster Fonts

MonsterMash, CarryOnScreaming, Chills, Goosebumps, CreepyCrawly, GrimlyFiendish, IncyWincySpider, Spookytooth, Meltdown and TrickOrTreat dingbats (save over $170!)

  Price: $99.95
Shiver And Shake Shiver & Shake Team-Up

Shiver and Shake with Western European accent characters (save $19)

  Price: $49.00
Tim Sale Pack Tim Sale Pack

TimSale-Intl, TimSaleLower-Intl and TimSaleBrush-Intl (save $98)

  Price: $129.00
Too Much Coffee Man Pack Too Much Coffee Man Pack

Five complete fonts (Regular, BoldItalic, Display, Sound Effect and Dingbats) - save $38!

  Price: $49.00
Wiccan Collection font Wiccan Collection

Wiccan Sans, Wiccan Serif & Wiccan Special (save 43%)

  Price: $49.00
Wild And Crazy ZAP Pack Wild And Crazy ZAP Pack

Regular and BoldItalic alphabets, pre-made sound effects and word balloons in EPS format.

  Price: $29.00