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Wiccan Collection
Wiccan Collection font

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Wiccan Sans, Wiccan Serif & Wiccan Special (save 43%)
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In 1996, three student letterers went into the forest looking for the mysterious fonts used to letter Spawn: Blood & Shadows. They never returned. A year later, their fonts were found.

January 2024 – Fixed Crossbar I glitch & improved linespacing
October 2020 – remastered Wiccan includes separate Regular & Bold Special weights, new Western & Central Europe and Cyrillic characters, automatically cycling alternates and Crossbar I Technology
  • Wiccan Sans, Wiccan Serif & Wiccan Special (save 43%)

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Wiccan Serif Wiccan Sans Wiccan Special
  Price: $29.00
  Price: $29.00
  Price: $29.00
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