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Every one's a winner but some fonts get heavier leading than others...
behold our top-selling fonts from the past 30 days!

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Moritat font Moritat

Six fonts (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Heavy and HeavyItalic) with alternate uppercase characters.

  Price: $99.00
Spooky Tooth font Spooky Tooth

Three fonts (Roman, Italic & Bold Italic) with alternate characters

  Price: $29.00
Elephantmen Great & Tall font Elephantmen Great & Tall

Eight fonts with upper and lowercase characters.

  Price: $59.00
Monster Mash font Monster Mash

Three fonts (Regular, Outline & Worn) with alternate uppercase characters.

  Price: $39.00
Danger Girl font Danger Girl

Two fonts (Solid & Open) with upper and lower case characters

  Price: $29.00
Biff Bam Boom font Biff Bam Boom

Two fonts (Regular and Open) with alternate uppercase alphabets.

  Price: $49.00
Battle Cry font Battle Cry

Four fonts (Regular, Italic, Open Regular and Open Italic) with Alternate Characters

  Price: $39.00
Foom font Foom

Two fonts (Regular & Open) with alternate characters.

  Price: $29.00
Comicraft Outburst font Comicraft Outburst

Three fonts (OutburstMain, OutburstOpen, OutburstExplode) each with 52 burst balloons, plus editable EPS files.

  Price: $29.00