The Comicraft Fonts iOS App

Use Comicraft fonts on your iPhone & iPad!

Install the Comicraft Fonts app to gain access to 100 of our most popular fonts on your iOS device.

The 10-weight Comic Book Classics set is included FREE for personal use. Just hit "Activate" and ten of our most famous fonts will appear in the font menu of apps such as Photoshop, Pages and ClipStudio!

Additional Sound Effect, Monster, Cartoon, Gothic, Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Blockbuster Movie sets are available for $4.99/year subscriptions, which includes commercial use.

The Details:

  • Requires iOS13 or 14

  • Apps that currently support font menus include Apple Pages, Numbers & Keynote, Adobe Photoshop, Good Notes, Affinity Designer & ClipStudio Paint

  • If the fonts don't appear in these apps, check for updates in the App Store

  • To activate in Clip Studio Paint: in the Text Property menu, click "Add fonts from device"

  • Fonts will appear in more apps as developers add Font Menu support. If your favorite creative app doesn't have it, write and ask them to add it in their next update!

  • This app does not (yet) manage your existing font purchases. You may import desktop fonts to iOS with apps such as iFont, FontCase, Affinity Designer & Procreate. Each iOS device counts towards your total number of CPUs (our Standard license permits up to 5).

Have fun! We look forward to hearing what you think and seeing what you create.