Personalize your Android phone UI with a Comicraft font!

Monotype FlipFonts are available in the Galaxy App store for Samsung devices, and the Google Play store for other Android phones, for just $1-2 each.

Once you purchase a FlipFont font, go to the “Font” section in display settings to activate. BAM!

Samsung Galaxy Store

Word Balloon Styles:

Adam Kubert Astronauts In Trouble Blah Blah Blah Brian Bolland Bryan Talbot Code Monkey Cutthroat Dan Panosian Dave Gibbons Digital Delivery Ed McGuinness Face Front Hammer Horror J Scott Campbell Lower Kickback Maladroit Marian Churchland Mike Kunkel Scott McCloud Sign Language Soliloquous Victory Speech Wall Scrawler Wild Words Lower Yada Yada Yada

Custom Voice Styles:

Alchemite Ancient Astronaut Babble Bithead Bark Cheese and Crackers Clean Cut Kid Dash Decent Dave Gibbons Journal Dear Diary Evil Schemes Fairy Tale Forked Tongue Glitter Girl Goth Chic Grimly Fiendish Hellshock Holier Than Thou Knobbly Knees Letterbot Lunar Mad Scientist Obey Obey Obey Phat Boi Pulp Fiction Rigor Mortis Spellcaster Storyline Headline Storyline Typewriter Tim Sale Brush Treasure Trove Wiccan Serif

Display Styles:

Absolutely Fabulous Achtung baby Adamantium Fang Area 51 Industrial Atomic Wedgie Back Beat Cheeky Monkey Chills Credit Crunch Designer Genes Doohickey Double Back Dutch Courage Draught Elephantman Aged Euphoria Excalibur Sword Ghost Town Grande Guignol Display Happy Holidays Hero Sandwich Meat Hip Flask Holy Grail Incy Wincy Spider Man of Tomorrow Merry Melody Pass The Port Aged Regeneration Rocket Man Sentinel Speeding Bullet Spills Sticky Fingers Stormtrooper Sunrise Till Sunset The Story So Far Thingamajig Thrills

Sound Effect Styles:

Battle Cry Battle Damaged Belly Laugh Big Top Carry On Screaming Comicraft Exterminate Mercilessly Foom Frostbite Geek Speak Graveyard Smash High Jinkies KillJoy Meltdown Right In The Kisser Splashdown ThatsAllFolks Vengeance Is Mine Zoinks

Google Play Store
Dave Gibbons Dave Gibbons Journal Mad Scientist Phat Boi Spellcaster Storyline Typewriter Tim Sale Brush Zoinks

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