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Best known in Blighty as one of the definitive JUDGE DREDD artists, Butterwick-Born Brian Bolland led the British Blitz on DC Comics and his brush has blessed BATMAN, GREEN LANTERN, SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN covers. Bolland now works digitally, as evidenced by the ELEPHANTMEN cover you can see here. However, he created one of his most famous comic books, BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE with pencils, pens and brushes.
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Bolland Pack Bolland Pack

BrianBolland International, BrianBollandJournal International & MrMamoulian (save $78)

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Brian Bolland font Brian Bolland

Five fonts (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic & Cyrillic) with alternate uppercase characters and auto ligatures (Opentype only). Includes Western European, Central European and Cyrillic international characters.

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Brian Bolland Journal font Brian Bolland Journal

Two fonts (Regular & Bold) with alternate characters, auto ligatures (Opentype only) and international characters.

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Mr Mamoulian font Mr Mamoulian

Three fonts (Solid, Open and Shadow) with alternate characters.

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