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Bryan Talbot International
Bryan Talbot International font

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The lettering style of Lancashire's finest comic book artist, graphic novelist and NEMESIS deviant Bryan Talbot is finally at your beck and call thanks to the good graces of those awfully nice chaps at Comicraft. Created for Bryan's magnum opus, ALICE IN SUNDERLAND, the Bryan Talbot font will take you on a journey into delirium, through the looking glass of British underground comix into the complex world of experimental narrative techniques and bestow upon you semi-legendary cult status and prestigious awards from no less than the New York Times.*

*Results may differ if you are not actually Bryan Talbot.
  • Six fonts! Three weights (Regular, Italic & Bold Italic), in both alternate uppercase and upper/lowercase versions. Includes Western European international characters.

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Bryan Talbot
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Bryan Talbot font