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Credit Crunch International
Credit Crunch International font

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Here in the heart of Santa Monica, in the disused 1940's aircraft hangar we like to call the Comicraft Studios, we know that times are tough. As we were driving to "work" in the back of our chauffer driven Humvee limo, sipping martinis out of the navels of Playboy bunnies and wondering what font we should release next, we decided it was time to reach out to the poor people. Yes, we felt it was time to create a font for the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, for the wretched refuse of our teeming shores. A font, if you will, for the tempest-tost.

It's a little skinny and might be described as pinched and starved, but it's guaranteed to see you through this current economic crisis as only the 26 letters of the alphabet can. It was a tall order, but Jazzy JG Roshell created this one while he was in line at the bank, waiting for his personal bailout. Meticulously crafted using only one of those ballpoint pens attached to the cashier's station by elastic, CreditCrunch is the Hamburger Helper of comic book fonts. It's kind of a hybrid -- just like the Priuses our trophy wives drive to their personal plastic surgeons -- and it's solar powered and also comes with a tank full of good old fashioned Biro ink.

The Recession, Climate Change AND Global Hunger will probably end mere minutes after you crack open your life's savings to buy this font. How can you afford NOT to...?
  • Two fonts (Soft and Hard) with upper and lower case characters and international character sets. Opentype version includes dozens of automatic custom ligatures.