New Year's Day sale

Designed BY Comic Book Letterers FOR Comic Book Lettering, COMICRAFT creates The World's Greatest Comic Book Fonts! Faithful customers know that Each and Every New Year we offer a one-day-only opportunity to start your collection of Comicraft characters! So why not snap up Comicrazy for a mere twenty dollars and twenty two cents rather than $395! And, yes, yes, yes, and thrice YES, EACH of our font families will be on sale for $20.22, even the ones that usually cost $19! RESISTANCE IS NOT FUTILE at these prices! And please don’t forget to check out all the New Fonts issued in 2021! We made way too many fonts and this stuff has to move!

Furthermore, RETWEET! REPOST! or just plain LIKE our fabulous posts on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram and help us find those poor souls who've never heard of our stupendous 22nd Annual (never-to-be-repeated) Comicraft New Year's Day Sale so that they too can grab bargains that make Black Friday look light gray and CyberMonday look like it's reverted to analogue.

Those of you who have enjoyed our sale in previous years know that it begins at midnight December 31st and ends midnight January 1st wherever you are in the world, so technically New Year's at Comicraft is a 36 hour day! Maybe longer, we didn't look it up or anything. Not even after all these years.

No pushing or shoving necessary! All our fonts are instantly downloadable. Three Cheers for! HIP HIP HOORAY! (copy and paste twice)

— Rich! & JG!

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The Fine Print:

Owing to the high volume of traffic we experience across the International Dateline during the sale, please bear the following points in mind:

1. Once you have completed your credit card or Paypal transaction, wait until you return to the download page where you will be able to download all your purchases.

b. no, 2! If your browser shuts down while you are downloading your fonts or you lose your connection through no fault of your own, DON'T PANIC. You can log into your account, view past orders and re-download files anytime.

3, or c, Please do not call us on or after the day of the sale, we will not be able to handle personal enquiries until all email requests have been answered. We will endeavor to deal with all such requests within 48 hours.

4, d, or (iv) Yes, we do accept checks -- place your order, print it out and mail it to us at our Secret Headquarters (our address appears on our About Us page, some secret, huh?). Fonts will be emailed as soon as your check has cleared. Alternately, if you want your fonts sooner, set yourself up with a Paypal account. All you need is a bank account and a computer! Go to and look for "New to Paypal? Sign up." It's easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

5, e, (v) and • We do not mail fonts on CD during sales or, indeed, any other time of year. Feel free to back up your fonts on CDs that you burn yourself however.

That's it -- thanks for stopping by. Please Shop until you Drop Caps and feel free to spread the word about ComicBookFonts, and especially our New Year's Day sale, to family, friends and colleagues. Our remainder bin is bottomless. Everything must go! Sale ends New Year's Day at midnight!