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Samaritan Tall Team-up
Samaritan Tall Team-up

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  Price: $159.00

  Product Code: SATTU1
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First they fight, then they team up: Get both versions of SAMARITAN TALL – all-uppercase with automatic alternates, and upper & lowercase – for one low price!

If you own a license for one member of this team, you may get the other by purchasing an upgrade here for $20. Please include the original order number (from your Order History) in the comments at checkout.

Artwork from ASTRO CITY #1 by Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson & Steve Buccellato
  • Samaritan Tall & Samaritan Tall Lower

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Samaritan Tall Lower Samaritan Tall
  Price: $139.00
  Price: $139.00
Samaritan Tall Lower font Samaritan Tall font