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  • Word Balloons

    Silence might be golden, but if you'd rather speak up, or put words in someone else's mouth, use one of Comicraft's Word Balloon Fonts!

  • Sound Effects

    Whether you're going to punch out your deadliest foe, or just add a little punch to your logos and LiveJournals, you'll find the noisiest and most spectacularly devastating Sound Effect fonts you need right here!

  • Character Voices

    Browse through the distinctive designs in Comicraft's Special Voices gallery and give your most unusual and eccentric characters a style all their own. Especially suitable for voiceover caption lettering.

  • Titles & Logos

    If you like to play with Display Lettering, our catalog ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous, and will help your titles and logos set the mood for any kind of story.