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Comicraft fonts are designed by comic book letterers FOR comic book lettering! Our line of MASTERS OF COMIC BOOK FONTS feature the distinctive lettering styles of the world's hottest comic book creators.

Brian Bolland J. Scott Campbell
Brian Bolland's brush has blessed SUPERMAN, GREEN LANTERN and WONDER WOMAN covers as well as the seminal BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE.

DANGER GIRL creator and artist, J. Scott Campbell is also the creator of the FAIRYTALE FANTASIES series of calendars. These are his slick and stylish fonts.
Dave Gibbons Scott McCloud
Certainly you're aware of the success of the WATCHMEN movie, based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' epic 1986 graphic novel. But did you know that Comicraft created a series of fonts based on artist Dave Gibbons' pen lettering styles?

Whether you're Making, Understanding or Reinventing comics, you'll need comic book fonts that make your comic book, or comic book about making, understanding or reinventing comic books, look like a, um, comic book. That's why, or so we understand, Scott McCloud came to us to make, and reinvent his official comic book fonts.

Tim Sale & Heroes Richard Starkings
Eisner Award winning artist Tim Sale brings characters vividly to life in the pages of GRENDEL, BATMAN and SUPERMAN.

Before there was Comicraft, before there was, there was just Richard Starkings and a pen. And ink. Now there's a whole bunch of fonts!

Shannon Wheeler TMCM More Masters of Comic Book Art
It's a comic, it's a mug, it's an opera, it's a font. There aren't many people who can say all those things about their creation, but New Yorker cartoonist Shannon Wheeler, as the creator of Too Much Coffee Man, can.

The lettering styles of Jim Lee, Joe Kubert, David Lloyd and many, many more!

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J. Scott Campbell Lower font The Sculptor font Shaky Kane font Dan Panosian font Urban Barbarian font
J. Scott Campbell Lower
  Price: $69.00
The Sculptor
  Price: $69.00
Shaky Kane
  Price: $69.00
Dan Panosian
  Price: $69.00
Urban Barbarian
  Price: $49.00
Gabriel Bautista font Colleen Doran font Richard Starkings font Ed McGuinness font Brian Bolland font
Gabriel Bautista
  Price: $69.00
Colleen Doran
  Price: $69.00
Richard Starkings
  Price: $69.00
Ed McGuinness
  Price: $69.00
Brian Bolland
  Price: $69.00
Rick Veitch font Brian Bolland Journal font Moritat font Marian Churchland font Marian Churchland Journal font
Rick Veitch
  Price: $69.00
Brian Bolland Journal
  Price: $39.00
  Price: $99.00
Marian Churchland
  Price: $69.00
Marian Churchland Journal
  Price: $29.00
Dave Gibbons Journal font Mike Kunkel font Bryan Talbot font Kickback font Scott McCloud font
Dave Gibbons Journal
  Price: $29.00
Mike Kunkel
  Price: $69.00
Bryan Talbot
  Price: $99.00
  Price: $69.00
Scott McCloud
  Price: $69.00