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Primal Scream
Primal Scream font

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  Product Code: FX122

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Some years ago, the dedicated craftsmen at Comicraft heard something that was to change the course of their professional lives and the comic books they lettered. What was heard then may change the nature of typography as it is now -- an eerie, unearthly scream welling up from the depths of a young and handsome Richard Starkings as he lay on the floor following a late-night lettering session. We can liken it only to what one might hear from a person experiencing their soul being torn from their body. There was ink spilled everywhere. The resulting letterforms were converted into a font for neurotic letterers the world over: Primal Scream.
  • Four fonts (Regular, Open, Outline & Fill) with alternate uppercase alphabets.

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Primal Scream International Fright Night Pack Speak 'N' Spell Special Vol.5 Signatures Collection
  Price: $59.00
  Price: $129.00
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  Price: $999.00
Primal Scream International font Fright Night Pack Speak 'N' Spell Special Vol.5 Signatures Collection

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