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Paranoid Android
Paranoid Android font

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Three weights (Regular, Bold & Open) with upper and lowercase characters.
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  Product Code: DL241

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Fonts are Inhuman and Human Fonts are IN! Now, the Comicraft Cybernetics Corporation is proud to announce the first in a new line of fonts with GFP... Genuine Font Personalities. Paranoid Android is an outer alloy, inner void, solitary solenoid GFP prototype -- you can tell, can’t you? Finally a font that knows its place as a digital servant to the human race. What will Comicraft think of next? No, don’t bother to answer that, Comicraftsmen are fifty thousand times more intelligent than you and even they don’t know the answer. Warning: Nothing left to be enjoyed, every diode rheumatoid*, terminally Paranoid Android is not so much a font, and more a kind of electronic sulking device. Share and Enjoy!

*The moving parts on the left side of this font are in a solid state. It may sit in a corner and rust, or just fall apart where it’s standing.
  • Three weights (Regular, Bold & Open) with upper and lowercase characters.