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Every one's a winner but some fonts get heavier leading than others... here are our top-selling, high kerning fonts this past month!

If wishes were horses, beggars would have all the fonts in our stable! However, ifs and ands are not pots and pans, so we've added a wishlist to, for those of you who rely on the tinker's hands...

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Due to Popular Demand (and a bit of canny software programming) ComicBookFonts gift certificates are now available! Give the gift of love of fonts! And we'll love YOU for it!

Because You Demanded It! 64 pages of lettering tips and tricks from the world-famous Comicraft studio -- in One Handy PDF File!

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Purveyors of Unique Design and Fine Lettering since 1992, the award-winning Comicraft studio is best known for pioneering the use of the computer in the art of comic book lettering.

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