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Monkey Business Pack
Monkey Business Pack

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Underpaid? Overworked? If you like Fritos(1),Jolt and Mountain Dew in your cubicle, your big warm fuzzy Donkey Kong heart is going to like our CODE MONKEY fonts a lot. Developed in conjunction with actual Code Monkeys*, this user-defined type IS defined -- it’s loud and proud, and available in functional monospace for screen or elegant proportional spacing for print.

Homespun by Homely Nina Green (nee Nina Sutcliffe), over 18 years ago for her old college pal, Mister Comicraft (ne Richard Starkings), CHEEKY MONKEY is a chirpy and cheerful character set which has found its way over the years onto the title pages of comic books as disparate as Captain Britain, Doctor Who and Darkman. Don’t turn your back on this font, baby, or it might pinch your bum!

*Thanks to Richard Gaushell, Michael Appleby, David Jedlekin and Kris Black for assistance and Jonathan Coulton for inspiration.
  • Code Monkey Constant, Code Monkey Variable & Cheeky Monkey with Western European international characters (save $68!)