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Dusk Till Dawn International
Dusk Till Dawn International font

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The Vampires have risen from their graves! Innocent young virgins (also goats, sheep, sheep dogs, cows and other sundry farmyard animals) may not see out the night!

We waited to unleash our latest release until the midnight hour, so grab your wooden stakes, silver bullets, crossbows, slingshots and any supernatural weaponry you may have at hand. Garlic capsules and Holy Bibles are also recommended!

DUSKTILLDAWN has been exhumed, lightly dusted in dry earth and exsanguinated for your convenience. Bury your tombstones in Gothic Chic with a font that may very well be worth dying for. We cannot guarantee you will come back to life however.
  • Four fonts (Risen, RisenUp, Buried & BuriedDeep) with upper and lowercase characters and Western European international characters.

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