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Astronauts In Trouble
Astronauts In Trouble font

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AiT/Planet Lar publisher and writer, Larry Young loves The Space Program. Next time you see him at a comic convention just ask him about any one of the Moon Landings and you'll see. But he might not tell you about his secret love. His secret love... for Fonts. Especially... Comicraft fonts. "I really dig your fonts, guys" he had told us on many different occasions, and we would thank him for his interest and go about our business. Then one day his tone changed from that of casual admiration to one of unrequited love. Sheepishly he inquired: "Can I... Can I have a font all of my very own?" Fontmeister John JG Roshell was only too happy to comply. "Uh -- can I have a font with upper AND lower case," he added hastily. "It's yours," we told him. However, when he asked for each letter to be dressed in pink babydolls, we drew the line. We love fonts too, Larry, but Gee, you should get some therapy.
  • Three fonts (Regular, Italic & Bold Italic) with upper and lower case alphabets.

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Astronauts In Trouble International Vol.5 Signatures Collection
  Price: $109.00
  Price: $999.00
Astronauts In Trouble International font Vol.5 Signatures Collection

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